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The shear number of bugs over a year old and some dating back to launch is staggering. The odds of this getting a fix in the next 3 years are slim to none. Move on guys.
You've missed the point of this thread. People bought a pack from the cartel market specifically for it containing the Weequay Patron and the Rhodian Patron (female) both being really good decorations for some stronghold themes. The Casino event has a vendor selling a new Weequay Patron and a new Rhodian Patron (female). All four have completely different looks and animations (the cartel market versions are dancers). Unfortunately, the oversight by the devs, most likely from using the same name for both types of personnel, has led to one overwriting the other, so the ones bought from the CM packs have disappeared. As there have been no updates on a fix (only an ages old acknowledgement that they are "investigating") stronghold decorators (myself included) are understandably annoyed, especially as this error was reported long before the event went live.

They knew about the bug, so they should not have allowed both types of decorations to go live before being fixed. Generally, they fix problems associated with items sold for real money on the CM very quickly. In this case either they have no idea what the problem is and how to fix it OR they have completely forgotten about this bug report.

I had 2 of the original Rhodian Patrons and 2 of the original Weequay Patrons, both of which have now been over-written by one each of the Casino versions. If they cannot fix the problem they really should refund the pro-rata cost of the ones we bought with Cartel Market coins.
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