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Quote: Originally Posted by Jevaruss View Post
Were you in a group or solo? It only lets you get the mats off a droid or beast if all the group members picked up the loot from it.
In a group, no "laser" saying there's loot on the body, but that is probably the reason.

But that is something else I find interesting: I am seeing a lot more players ignoring loot on mobs. Yes, it is only a handful of credits and maybe a gray item, but I am always hearing how players are starved for credits...don't they realize that every credit gathered/saved helps in that effort? I have 850 million in my legacy and yet I still loot EVERY body ALL the time.

Quote: Originally Posted by Mubrak View Post
A nice and discreet mechanic to stop someone from gathering mats while 3 other players are waiting.
When done excessively (gathering from EVERY body that drops) this can be annoying, but when done discreetly and on a limited basis (in a mass of dead bodies I will scav/BA one of them), it is not a problem (to me).
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