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First of all, let me introduce myself. Most of you probably know me as Ashwraith or Abomination, but lately i have been playing in the empire as Primedouche or Primeval. Im a 7 season, twice rank2, wow hero, considering myself the very best on our precious server.

Free to play increased the number of teams playing rankeds, but the truth is that there isnt a single hardcore pvp guild out there. What choice a player like myself have?To join impulse and play with "Fallen inlovewithbuttonS talker"? Or perhaps i could join ACE and cherish of the company of Lord Slider, the lord of notinterruptinglikeever....
There were times when these people were considered beyond bad. That has changed! It changed becouse the few of us left standing, are scattered.
I call for an union! Lets create a guild. A small one, with those who are worthy. To show these people that they are bad, and you need more than 100 iq to be considered skilled.

Thats it, the people who i would consider decent, and their name popped right now are: Yesyesgood,Xzarnyan,Larsson,Armagenn,Feta,Zeliniov , maybe the three brothers (AXW,Haye, buffme), Whasp, Brilliant,easyway. The list isnt a full one, its just here to show that i dont like trash...

I do not honestly believe this thread will bear fruits. In that case im retiring from rankeds till the expansion. Maybe that will bring back some of my wow buddies... In case this plays out otherwise. feel free to contact me or take the initiative to make things happen.

Peace, love and muscles... oh wait... Die in a moonfire!