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Maybe its best to make a list with armoursets that do not have a working jetpack... The one that annoys me most is the remnant resurected bountyhunter chestpiece
Better to make a list of all the armours with bugged rocket boost operation(1), but yes.

Examples: I don't remember if they fixed them yet, but I remember a couple of specific oddities:
* The original Havoc Squad set had (still has?) a flame under the backpack, but it was/is upside down.
* One of the Dancer or Reveler sets has (had?) a jetpack flame instead of shoe flames, but no jetpack.

(1) There are three categories of jetpack bugs that I can think of:
* Boot flames when there's a jetpack.
* Jetpack flames when there's no jetpack.
* Flames that, regardless of whether there's a jetpack, are buggy in some other way.
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