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I will agree with this thread. I am currently playing a 50 Sorcerer heal spec. It is impossible for me to heal through the damage they can output solo. They wont even interrupt my casts, simply stun and power through all my bubbles and heals. I don't think that healers should be immortal at all, but at least give me a fighting chance.
The problem isn't Operative or damage, the problem is HEALING.

I'm playing a healing Operative, and I have a slightly lower level healing Merc. And this is true with quite a few classes.

If I get a Marauder on top of my Operative healer, I can live for a little while as I pop my two defensive CDs, or I can try to escape with the cloak, but I cannot just stand there and outheal his damaage. Same goes for a Merc that spams tracers and then does a heatseeker/unload/rail combo when I'm debuffed.

Healing in this game, especially in PvP, needs some serious changes to make it attractive. I mean, look at the medals. Healers get absolutely SHAFTED in the medals department. We get what, one for a 2.5k+ heal and one for 75k and what else? Nothing. Meanwhile, DPS classes get one for a kill, one for solo kill, one for 10 kills, one for 20 kills, one for 75k damage, etc. Most matches as DPS you get 5+ without even trying. As a tank, you get 7+ just for keeping guard up on people.

As a healer I have abandon my chosen role and go on a killing spree mid-match just to get the same commendations as a tracer-missile-spamming moron.