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I don't know where you are getting the ideas , that ''Choices'' has to be stuck to companions . Ever heard of choices in a story ? Impacting the direction the story take ? . Those are the choices peoples wanted !

I'm playing a game called Wasteland 2 . Right at the beginning you get a choice of 2 area being attacked at the same time . Save A and you lose B . Save B and you lose A . Both have a companion to recruit and both are Important . Even when you save either ones , you can go back to the area you left to die . And face the consequences of your actions . And the place you saved ? even once you save that place , you still can screw it up and everyone kick you out .

That is what is missing in this game . Real choices , choices that will make you feel the burn for a long time .
It doesn't. I just feel it should be a big choice. Choices that matter and makes sense? Then being evil and still having Republic Members, doesn't make as much sense, unless they're already evil themselves or corrupt and feel the character is a source of power.

I don't feel save place A versus place B would make a big impact, unless the game some how got us to really feel good about both places beforehand. Which won't be easy, if they can't get people to feel for two companions that have been around awhile.

I guess they can't all be choices of "Save Jaxo or let her die" *cry*
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