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And knowing how George Lucas reacts to stuff like that, chances are it'll be retconned soon, if it hasn't already. Luke (or any LS) using Force Lightning is a nono. It's a DS ONLY power, apparently. It's just a question of when or if he finds out about it.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with a LS calling down the thunder and lightning. But hey, that's just me. lol

Also, I feel sorry for Leland Chee. No matter how much he's making, he still has to put up with, and KEEP up with George's mood swings on what is and isn't allowed in Canon.

Oh, and here's an indisputable fact: Game mechanics are not canon.
nah don't worry about it... not only is he retiring but he never really reads any of the EU stuff... that's why he pays Chee and a team of people to do it for him... when you are worth $3.2 billion dollars you don't have to read ****!
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