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I've heard many arguments that Galen Marek is a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. Therefore I'll take the most common arguments and tell you why they don't necessarily mean he's a Gary Stu.

1. He's supposed to be light side but he uses Force lightning.

So does Mara Jade. Read Dark Nest I, and she tells a Dark Jedi that the Order makes some exceptions, and that they are sometimes allowed to use lightning. Therefore it is entirely possible for Galen to use it without falling to the Dark Side.

2. He's way overpowered.

It's a video game. By this logic, Kyle Katarn, Jaden Korr, Revan, and the Exile are Gary Stus/Mary Sues. If you read the novel, it makes him a lot less powerful that the game. Gameplay mechanics explains that one.

3. He brought down a Star Destroyer.

There was a Jedi named Dorsk 81 who actually killed himself FORCE PUSHING SEVENTEEN Star Destroyers. So it is possible to bring ONE down without dying, because pulling is easier than pushing - because the Destroyer's engines are going toward you if you pull it.

Give me anymore reasons he is a Gary Stu and I'll give you the reasons he's not.