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02.16.2020 , 05:13 AM | #9
Just watching some videos won't make you ready, there's a lot to learn about the game. Even more so when it comes to MMO PvP, playing one doesn't mean you'll fully understand the other, even more so if there's balancing issues.
What I would recommend is to join a PvP guild and ask to do challenges with them, everyone in the group can probably help each other, but if you can get a member that plays ranked often. They'll likely have more information to help you & friends.

As for vote kicking, it's abused for sure. I've seen wins where friends vote to kick someone because they don't like them.
Situations like those shouldn't happen for sure, but there are sometimes people join up and simply are not ready or do not care how they perform. While I don't care enough to vote kick at least 90% of the time, some go overboard with it even to the point of kicking decent enough players, just to have someone to "blame."

Whether it gets abused or used correctly it's a poor feature that's really only a bandaid.

Things they could do instead raise the requirements to queue for Solo Ranked.

  • For example 306 item level, tactical, set bonus. Realistically if you want to be 'competitive' this is the baseline.

  • A quest to promote the use of Warzone Medpacs and Adrenals. Most players don't really seem to take advantage of these.

  • Achievement tied to queuing up, most players will easily meet it if not already meet it if it was added. Make not only a valor requirement, which is already low. However, problem there lies with alts, raising valor on tons of alts is very time-consuming. However achievements are legacy, so reaching a valor rank achievement or warzone game amounts achievements would be a great one.

  • Remove the ability to decline pops, remove the ability to leave the match. Force players into the match with only a little time to accept before being forced. Why? Prevents majority backfills including intentional ones. Also prevents early leaves that affect elo gain and loss. Everyone is forced in so we have names to go with if someone is trying to throw for another. Currently decliners and backfills are hard to pinpoint because you often don't get to see who caused it.