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It's still possible to obtain a orange, modifiable lightsaber that has the same hilt design, it just does not have the same name and most likely a different sound effect.

Your best bet to obtaining this modifiable lightsaber is probably the GTN; keep looking until you can find one that's in your price range. Sometimes they're very expensive while other times they're going for sub 100k.

Unfortunately like stated above it requires Dark IV where as the Maelstrom Prison one did not.

Hope this helps.
I have 5 of these in my cargo hold. The problem is they are for Dark IV or above characters.

The model that used to be available to for Light Side characters is gone. There were multiple versions of that hilt available before 4.0, some with LS/DS restrictions, some without. Now, as far as I can tell, the only one left is the one you linked.

The vendors on Fleet used to sell them for LS characters. When these were removed, alongside Flashpoint gear drops from 1.x-3.x (which also dropped that model), so was the LS or non-aligned equivalent of the saber. I used to buy it for my characters from Fleet for 8 basic comms, and for planetary comms before that.

The idea that this should be put on sale for 6000 CCs is beyond ridiculous. Stop trying to get BW to put simple things in the game by suggesting they charge large amounts of CCs for them - it doesn't make it more likely, and it is bad for the game. In this case, it's just a launch-era hilt used by many characters, not just Revan, that was really easy to obtain while leveling or at endgame at level 50, 55, and 60.

There's no reason not to simply put it back on a vendor. The PVP vendor, for example, has many of the launch hilts (though they have valor requirements). Put it on that vendor, for example, and the adaptive gear vendor on Fleet for PVE folks.
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