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Quote: Originally Posted by Lhorian
What I am wondering is why you didn't shut down the servers the moment you realised that wasn't happening? That would have saved so much trouble instead of letting this crap continue for like 9 hours.
BioWare froze up. Completely unprofessional. They saw an obvious exploit, taking place en masse across every server (they were obviously monitoring things closely on a patch day) and did absolutely nothing about it for hours and hours, until it was too late for them to easily shut down and reset the servers.

This is quite possibly the worst response to a game breaking exploit I have ever seen. BioWare sat and watched as hundreds of Republic players were spawn camped with no way out (unless they were lucky enough to queue for a warzone, then get AFK booted back to the fleet) and did.. nothing. FOR HOURS. That's simply inexcusable, to allow one whole faction of each server (be it Empire or Republic, though we know it was mostly Republic) of your player base to be exploited repeatedly for hours on end, while the other faction obtains far too much PvP experience for their efforts... and doing nothing about it.

That's nothing short of disgraceful, BioWare. I've been disappointed in BioWare before plenty of times, but I've never been angry with them before today. This was shameful to an extreme.

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