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You should stack more endurance. I would suggest getting enough to put you about 26,500 health. There is a lot of unavoidable yellow damage in fights such as Kephess Nightmare. You need a higher health pool to survive those fights. People forget that tanking stats only affect melee and ranged attacks, and bosses often have plenty of force and tech attacks.
I follow your reasoning on this, but I'd like to hear some counter-points on this from someone. I went ahead and tried the build with 2 WH defense relics and it went really well.

Strength: 1808
Endurance: Around 2350
Health Points: 25.5K.

If I were to do this, I would probably get rid of some of my might augments. I was hitting for around 1100 DPS the other night on TFB SM Kephiss. So that can probably come down some if I were to go through with this.

But I'd still like to hear what more people think.