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The link is above. This is my PVE tank build. The stats on the right aren't correct, so I'll type the important ones here.
Strength: 1727
Endurance: 2115
Health: 23650

Defense Chance: 30.25%
Shield Chance: 50.29%
Shield Absorbtion: 47.56%

Things I plan to do as of now:
Get rid of the 27B mods and put regular 27's in.
Get shells and get my set bonuses back.
Fill in the implants, ear piece and last armoring with 63's.

My question and the main reason I'm making this post is the following. I added the WH relic today for the defense rating and took out the Dread Guard Relic that was in there. It added about 2% to my defense chance and so far has made a huge different as far as squishyness goes. The only downside is that I lost around 55 endurance, or 550 HP. I'm considering taking out the other Dread Guard Relic and putting another WH one with the +103 defense rating. It would add another 2% or so and with my stim would put my Defense Chance right around 33%. But then I would lose another 55 or so endurance.

If it's not obvious, I'm shooting for the 33%/50% /47-50% stat prioritization. I know not to stack endurance, and as you can see from my build I haven't, except on the 27B mods, which I plan to switch out. Do you guys think taking out the other dread relic in place of more defense rating would be worth it?

I'm apprehensive because typically tanks I see with gear similar to mine are around 27-29K HP. So with stims and buffs it would only put my HP at 25.5K or so. But I know to prioritize mitigation over endurance. I'm leaning toward making the switch, but wanted to hear what you all thought first.

Any other criticisms of the build are welcome as well. Especially if you think you can find an improvement I haven't already thought of.