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Got another bit of feedback for ya luna, based off those sims you ran.
The APM was looking a little high which is why I started looking.

You are currently handling alacrity wrong!

Alacrity isn't a multiplication of (1-alacrity) for cooldowns + the GCD, but rather it is a division of (1+alacrity). The easiest way to see this is beserk on a combat sentinel. Master Strike goes from 3 sec channel / 18 sec cooldown with no alacrity to 2.25 sec channel / 13.53 sec cooldown with 33% alacrity. If alacrity worked the way you currently have it coded, it would be a 2.01 second channel and a cooldown of 12.06 seconds.

Also explains why you had 12 hammer shots in your best parse whereas I found that I'd have 10 if I didn't make silly mistakes like using HiB->TS when that would cap me on energy whereas TS->HIB would not, since you got the resource regen part of alacrity right.
Of course, Bioware decides to use campy logic. Why would I expect anything different?

Anyhow, nice job OP! Keep whacking it! We'll all thank you later
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