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Just as Casi said. Lets take an example.

Chest piece.

They look the same, they have the same EXACT same stats.
Looted you can mod.
Crafted you can NOT mod.

What one would you pick, the looted one
The answer to that is rather simple as Casi just pointed out.

Would you waste around 500K on mod slots on a non mod chest piece NO.
Your example is all over the place. Current non-moddable crafted high-tier gear is the MK-4 and MK-14 gear for Eternal Commander, Iokath and GEMINI flavours (230, 234, 240 and 246). It's all endurance-heavy compared to the corresponding MK-3 or MK-13 gear (moddable "looted" gear with its default mod-objects), *and* doesn't have a set bonus.

258 crafted gear, aside from the painful materials required, is identical to Masterwork gear from stuff on Ossus, including the ability to mod it.

Drillable mod slots for non-augment mods don't exist, and top-tier (MK-10) augment slots only cost 40K to insert the slot.
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