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Swtor is not swg. I say this as a former swg player. The sandbox concepts of swg will not work in SWTOR. It's just not made for that. The balance issues would become a nightmare to manage and maintain.

SWTOR will never be swg. I would not be opposed to an MMO trying to give a go at the sandbox approach again, and so long as it's paired with an immersive story which is something most sandboxes do not have oh, I think it could be a breakout success.

But that has to be considered in the design from the very beginning. SWTOR always has been and will be a theme park MMO. Not much more I can say to that. It's not even a preference thing; it's a concept and design thing.
Ooo I fully agree with you.

The point was about SWG is simply that, have crafters made top end gear, and that we can mod it do not ruin the game play in eny shape or form.

I played SWG for a lot of years up to the end, I've been here since well before the game ws live and played since beta so yes I know the difference.

Point is, There is no harm in crafters to craft the same items albeit different looking skins that you can loot or get from a Ops.

That was the entire point with that section.
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