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01.21.2020 , 09:28 PM | #5
This is the Heroic 2 on Makeb right?

From what I remember (its been around 4 to 6 years since I soloed it) you have to hit all the consoles within a short time frame. To accomplish this you need to position yourself between two consoles on one side, hit one then the other, then use a movement ability to shift to the other side and use the other two consoles.

Abilities that I know work: Operative/Sniper Roll, Mad Dash, Merc Rocket Jump, Force Speed.
Things that I think work: Hydraulic Overrides, Predation, Phase Walk.

You can also just find a second person on the fleet or on makeb itself to run the heroic 2. It is a heroic, they give okayish rewards.