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01.10.2013 , 02:00 PM | #7
After timing out and my post disappearing I will try to be brief:

I agree, we should not be getting old items in new packs. Several of the packs that I opened didn't even have new items in them. Three of the packs that I had opened only contained old emotes, banners, ball toss, and mounts, and then more of the same sprinkled in the rest of my packs alongside new items, equaling up to 6 packs worth of old items. I've talked to someone that had no new items in 9 packs that he opened.

If we wanted items from the old packs we would buy the old packs. That only becomes a problem if you stop selling the old packs, but even then not really. If you flood the cartel packs with old items time after time, they lose their special qualities and value even more. I am not saying give me super rares in every pack, but at least give me new items. I would have loved any of the six new emotes in place of the dozen Intimidates and Menace that I already had a boatload of. If the next pack that comes out contains old items, I will not be purchasing any more packs, and will advise others to stay away from them as well.

Here are two lines of description from the Skip Tracer's Cartel pack:

"Each Pack contains rare bonus items found nowhere else. "

"*This pack contains Rare bonus items not found in any other Cartel Market Pack."

These descriptions are contrary to what I received in some of the packs. It is false advertising and unacceptable. I want to be compensated and for the issue to be corrected by either by fixing the description or changing the pool of items the packs give out to only new items.

All of that being said, I appreciate the time of the mods and devs in this matter as well as others. I know you are all busy, and I appreciate the time and attention. I do expect an answer, though, and for action to be taken. I have already put a ticket in.