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08.28.2017 , 03:39 PM | #1
I played a bit last season, but I don't remember it being this bad. So much name calling and blaming everyone for everything that goes wrong. And it's extremely random. Yesterday was neat with lots of wins, and today it has been loss upon loss (from 11:3 to 13:12).

The team compositions are wildly important e.g do you have mercs, maras and sins and good eng-snipers. Do you have good players or relative new people? Gear? Obviously there are also the occasional leaver or wintrader, but that hasn't really been a problem so far.

And some of you guys here on this forum are amongst those blaming others. I know your names! You really should just accept that there are some things beyond your control. Play as epic as you can on your toon and be an inspiration for others, rather than a source of frustration