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09.10.2018 , 01:24 PM | #22
This. So much this.

After 3.5 playthroughs of KotET and 4 playthroughs of KotFE, I find myself rather playing through Makeb again, which is saying something, because Makeb is one story for all classes, but even then, at least my different companions react differently in each area.

I think I played all possible MAJOR variations of KotFE/KotET what I wanted.

On my other alts going forward, I still want to make those choices, like romancing Lana/Theron etc. but I don't feel like going through 25-40 hours of content again for a few story choice clicks.
And it's not the cutscenes, they are great after the nth time too.

The choices could be done on a google poll like interface, for all I care.
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