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I won't rehash the death by a thousand cuts we've suffered as the Devs have changed the dynamics of classes. Long story short is they have made it impossible for infiltration/deception to do what it was supposed to a brutally bursty class that can overwhelm but be a glass cannon. Well, they have actually furthered the glass part. Squishy will be our middle name given how long it will take to kill anyone, particularly the truly OP ranged classes that they didn't nerf as should have been done. Anyway, the 5.5 changes really sucked and the utility/class changes in 5.6 will really destroy the viability of this toon. I fully expect infiltration shadows to become virtually extinct once the 5.6 changes come out on the 28th.

I don't consider standing near a node in stealth and serving as an alarm system that delays caps until help arrives to be really fun game after game after game, but aside from guard duty and sap capping, where will infiltration be better to use than another class in the 5.6 world? Our damage won't be as huge as other classes, not to mention they've made our ability for huge hits to be even more random and harder. Sentinels and slingers will seem to be a better choice from a damage standpoint. When it comes to survivability, we were already squishy and at risk due to the changes over the years, and now 5.5 and 5.6 will ensure we're even more squishy. Chain stuns will kill us much more quickly, and it is impossible to avoid being chain stunned in a lot of situations.

I'm really ticked at what they've done and intend to do. Frankly, they should have changed things, just as they did when the sentinels/marauders brought up their beefs with 5.6, but as usual, we get short end of the stick. I can only hope they quickly see the disastrous results of their 5.6 shadow nerfs when they go live and decide to change things quickly.... but given that it will be holiday season, I doubt they'll do anything until the new year, if ever. In the meantime, they'll just oversee a further migration of players from melee to ranged, or from the game altogether.
As was advertised from day 1 of this dynamic game, the game changed, so you must adapt your gameplay. That very well can include your role.