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The main issue we have here is that no one have seen those data numbers.
It's like santa claus for kids you know, the fact that you tell them it exist doesn't exactly mean it's true. Furthermore, I really doubt that if they use their data it is somewhat accurate, especially in PvP. I don't know if you've been playing ranked seriously or not since S8, but I, along others players, did. Assassins weren't exactly the "top class" in ranked. Merc, snipers and mara were, and still are due to the imbalance in DtPS for these spec compared to others. The change will be felt even more for Powertech dps, who was by far the most fragile class in pvp (more than sorcerer, because sorc have at least some defensive ability). They removed one of their main DR buff nonetheless, even though peoples have spent a year complaining about PT being way too fragile.
As a matter of fact, guess who got to keep the 30% DR ? Mercenary. Isn't that strange ? The class as tough as any tank spec in the game got to keep that. Peoples also have been complaining about this big joke that was released on 5.0 with god mercenary. And still it isn't fixed now.

Again, and it's not against you, but until they clearly show us, with real, factual data, that these class (Juggernaut/Powertech/Assassin) where taking too few damage in their dps spec, then I will say that they clearly have no idea on how to balance this game. I'm really sorry for saying this, but we are a year after the initial changes were released. In this entire year, the complaints have never diminished or changed whatsoever. But still, the dev team keep ignoring the issues peoples keep talking about. And we're talking about global feedback, something that every player who knows a bit (not really much) about this game will say. So please, stop talking like this is some "L2P issue", because it isn't, or else that would mean that the entire playerbase of this game has some serious L2P issue, which I seriously doubt.
I dont know of any MMO company that provides the type of data you are asking to be transparent about, so the likelihood of them starting that trend to open up to more scrutiny is unlikely. And i dont blame them considering the dynamic nature of these types of games, everyone and their mother would come up with some scenario that could show that specific data doesnt merit the change. Oh wait, that happens already, without the data. And again, we are talking about average data, not top end data, so while their may be some top tier players having respective success or failure with their specific class, the changes suggest that it is not a game-wide issue for the average player. There will always be deviations in results the further you move away from the mean, and those deviations wont necessarily be equal for all situations either, so its an impossible request to expect balance the entire way through, at every level, and for every variation of skill the thousands of players have. Catering to the masses is the most efficient plan, and based on the changes, the disparities we see at end game are obviously not there for the average player. So essentially, the conclusion that can be drawn by the criticism is that the changes dont cater to your, or my, or anyone specifics skill level, and perspectives of each will be skewed and different than the average person layer.

And btw, they arent even done with changes to classes.