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10.21.2019 , 08:33 PM | #9
Good thing we know for certain that amplifiers work and that they're supposed to stack, and that they're not a credit sink, based on all the well received feedback from PTS.

But then again, they also took the feedback about conquest well ... we gave them feedback that 1 million for a medium planet was penalizing small alt-heavy guilds, so they took our feedback and went ahead and doubled the target. That's not spiteful at all. I'm sure they had no idea the medium target was going to be 2 million on Monday the 14th. There's no possible way they could have told us about that on Monday, no sir.

Musco could have made a separate post or posts about the set bonuses and tactical and where they drop. They've never put that much detail in patch notes (they usually like to hide that information), and while its great that its all in one place, the length and magnitude of the task caused Musco to forget to explain a key new system, a QoL improvement, and, again not to spite us or anything, bury the conquest target numbers hours before the patch, invalidating my guild's efforts for the whole week.

I should be grateful for new content and the detail, but I'm upset tonight. /endrant
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