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1: Economic inflation has obviously occurred. The 2m credits I had when I logged off for the last time shortly after launch seems to be a paltry amount now. Roughly how much constitutes a large amount of credits for a single player to have now? 50m? 100m? More?
I can't fully answer this question as I'm not even sure anymore but I do think that is something that I guess could be considered mildly wealthy, inflation has increased quite a lot so having something like 50m might be good depending on how much you spend on the GTN, etc. I'd say if you're not interested in prime cartel market items 40m should be good.

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2: How difficult are the end game Operations and Flashpoints currently? I'm coming from a Heroic/Mythic raid team in World of Warcraft as of last month, so is anyone able to provide comparison, or compared to the original Operations at launch?
Well story mode operations and Nightmare/Master mode flashpoints, barring a few exceptions, are incredibly easier than they were at launch. I cannot speak for the difficulty of Hard Mode/Veteran Mode or Nightmare/Master mode operations as I don't do those.

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3: Are there any Australians still playing? Any end game Australian guilds that raid in AEST or similar timezones?
Yes, I believe there are still a few Australians playing the game. I don't know anything about an Australian guild that raids around that timezone but perhaps someone else can help you.

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4: Any new companions to bring on board besides the original base story ones?
Yes, there has been new companions over the year like HK-51, Treek and the KOTFE ones. The Cartel Market also sells companions but they don't have any story attached to them, besides Treek.

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6: Can anyone suggest a good, detailed "action plan guide" for new/returning players to go from nothing to Operation ready? ( what to farm and in what order, BiS gear, talents, rotations, etc. Bonus points for Powertech Tank specific ones. )
Here's a video covering how to get the latest gear, do keep in mind that a new expansion is coming on September and it's very likely the meta of how to obtain gear and what stats to prioritize.

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5: Why is everyone in Vaiken Spacedock General Chat so angry all the time?
Because it's the Imperial Fleet. If people wouldn't argue with each other all day the universe would implode.
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