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Okay, let's try this out and see if I can think of something without weirding myself out...

Holiday and Mako, maybe?
You win the whole world for this.

And just chiming in to see glad that the thread has stayed mostly on topic, without huge forays into other games. It was a bit disheartening to see this place often turning into Dragon Age/Mass Effect discussion.

In any case, I'm not discouraged by the lack of announcement at ComicCon. While I think SGRAs are pretty important as a storyline addition, I don't think they're actually a selling point to get people in. However, once people are in the game and see romances, they're probably bound to wonder where the SGRAs are. I know I was. I went into this game not even knowing about most of it, and the lack of SGRA inclusion continues to baffle me.

But I am patient!