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EXACtly. No throwing, no rule breaking, no punishment. In the that guy should blame matchmaking based on elo since it's very manipulative and players have to do this because such system punishes them for being skilled. and getting highest spots without using such legit tricks is unreal because system punishes highrated players by throwing them into teams with full noobs while wintraders easily can get highest spots in few hours.
For the umpteenth time you defend wintraders and rule-breakers. You and Bladech should not be allowed to queue for ranked. It's crazy that you even consider yourself a pvper when you admit to wintrading and continuously defend the actions of wintraders on the forums repeatedly. Seriously pathetic.

The fact that this issue is some form of debate is ridiculous. You have to understand that if you think there's any ambiguity here, you are a person that thinks cheating (in a general sense) to get ahead is acceptable.

You have the exact same immoral, backwards thinking as every wintrader I've encountered. You already think that you're the best, but the system is keeping you down, so you view it as acceptable to cheat to get what you think you deserve. Such people should be banned from ranked permanently.