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First off I wasn't asking for a nerf, I suggest you re-read it again.
You're comparing class/specs meaning you're using figures on your bias opinion that isn't impartial to rectify an outcome that benefits you the user as per se.

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second thing, this is for the changes they are making. not how it is currently.... so I again suggest you re-read it.
Let me reiterate the following finds that nothing is final, however when the final product is on the showcase than we will see however what I had stated does not change indefinitely as these perks the Assassin class has is the only class that has the unique perks in the realm of Tanking. However you can not compare Assassins directly alike to that of a Marauder, a Juggernaut or a Sorcerer. The closest in comparison would be that of an Operative however there is complications again.

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third thing, if you bothered to click the links and read through everything, jugs get, guardians get and sorcs. then read what shadows get you will understand.... that their is whole new playing field that the game devs arnt paying attention too....
You wrote the same argument twice without acknowledging that what we have seen isn't final. However what I did read I found interesting for me, I liked the extra components to Hatred and Darkness but I play them more than Deception however I found Fury to receive not a lot in terms of eye catching. Granted Juggernauts and Sorcerers did seem to get catered for but at the same time I can not see anything ground breaking, Numbers on PTS are not Final.

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Smash monkey never went away,
Smash Monkey went away when our spec was changed, however it didn't completely go waist side if anything got moved to Vengeance.

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maras/sents have always be strong. in the right situations... no matter how good you are as a shadow/sin you will. 9/10 struggle to beat any other class in the game.. unless your A on darth malgus fighting some mug whose played the game for like 3 days and used a token. our damage is less, our damage reduction is less. phantom stride spends more time glitching, then working. Lacerate/whirling blow does more damage then most of your Rotation, and backstab crits probably around 40% of the time.
Not for a complete DPS spec what have you been smoking? heck in 5.0 Deception was the Meta, 4.0 Mercs was the Meta, 3.0 Sorcerer was the Meta. When Marauders were Meta that was when they still had the skill tree system. Back when Fury was still called Rage. However Juggernaut Rage was part of that Meta as well making it a shared Meta.
Although lets talk experience on the matter that I am on Darth Malgus? Right like that draws any assumptions you can't even comment on what the Assassin class does have which I made a reply directly stating, also I forgot Mindtrap how great of an Ability this is. But let me go into further detail, You can not compare it to a DPS class if it is a hybrid class that shares abilities from that of it's counterpart, Marauder is a DPS class through and through, You can't compare accurately to Juggernauts or Sorcerers since they haven't got the exact mobility nor once they engage can they disengage. The closest comparison is an Operative which still you can not compare directly to, but what the Assassin class has got to offer is far more useful tool's especially in PvP every WZ from Voidstar to Huttball as well as Ranked. In PvP if you had known isn't about 1v1's so you must be playing a different game to me or you're just duelling your friends. But yes I am indeed a bad player.
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