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Couple of things
First of all you CAN in fact shield and defend damage taken through guard, as long as the original attack is shieldable/defendable, the game keeps track of what damage you're intercepting through guard, so if a Marksmanship sniper is tunneling your guarded target and you're low on health, Saber Ward or Deflection is going to help you a lot more than Invincible or Overcharge Saber.
Need to double check this with some people.

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Secondly Energy Shield does not reduce all damage taken by 25%, it increases your damage reduction by 25%, which is a fundamentally different thing.
Is this a way of just saying it's additive not multiplicative? Regardless, this was something I was not aware of and it was also brought up by another player on reddit. It's on my to-do-list to be adjusted to reflect this information (if this is what you meant).

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Lastly the Juggernaut utility setup is outdated, some of the utilities listed do not exist anymore. Also, though is more of a preference, I really recommend taking Unshackling Rage as a Juggernaut as it is a ridiculously good movement utility that way outshines a cooldown reduction on one hardstun.
Editted already, it was an oversight, whoops.

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EDIT: This one is reaching a bit, but the 5% reduced damage taken from guard is in fact applied in PvP too, so theoretically if you're the only person with a guard leaving guard on when you go away does have some slight use, although it's nearly negligible.
This is something I actually was not aware of. I want to go and test this to make sure. Since guard functions differently in pvp to pve it's worth double checking. Ill get back to you on this but if it is correct I will make sure the guide reflects this once my editor is awake.

Good stuff. Thanks for the feedback .
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