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08.19.2014 , 05:01 PM | #1
I got all the event achievements within the first few weeks, including the hidden blow up the slots one. Upon logging in today, I noticed over half of them are missing. I am now at 95/295 achievement points.

The missing ones are:

Sound of Rain
High roller
Instant Winner
Hot Slots
Cashing In
Quality Assurance (hidden).

Interestingly, I still have the "The Unlucky" legacy title, but not the achievement that gets you it (Quality Assurance)

Relogging/repairing game didn't change anything, and everybody else I talked to still had all of their achievements.

Server: The Shadowlands.
Primary toon: Briffun

Many thanks for your hard work. Honestly, this has been by far the smoothest major release I've seen from you guys, kudos to the dev team!
Briffun, Sniper
Malice & Mayhem, The Shadowlands