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Another thing, the mouseover healing action in itself provides faster healing than the 2 clicks method: click to select, click to cast. It can easy be a second difference. In dps, a second is nothing. In healing can mean a party/ops member is dead.
I find healing in this game rather boring and very easy. Because, for the most part, you know who's going to get hit. This knowledge leads to predictability and overhealing in anticipation of incoming damage. To make matters worse, GCD is long and cast times are even longer. To make matters terrible, there are only a few skills you'll ever use as a healer.

The only thing that makes healing somewhat interesting is people derping around - dps standing in aoe, tanks not wearing shields and other healers feeding their cats.
I see their R2 droid and I grab it. No, you can't have it back, silly rabbit!