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05.24.2013 , 12:41 PM | #17
Honestly whatever their plan is if they can't get it sorted out for October they can keep it so I don't see why they can't fill us in. Go ahead BW enlighten us. Why should we stay?

You tell us we'll be pleased then give us no details for a PvP patch that going by your release schedule ~7 weeks after 2.3 drops in August. which would make it hot on the heels of the last one (12/11/2012). Unless you count bolster which did far more harm than good. We have been in pre-season 1 for over a year. No mention of cross server queues (although by then we shouldn't need them since so many people will be gone we should all be on one server).

So what's it going to be BW? Are you going to tempt us or are going to stay quiet and watch us all walk away?
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