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Voss race perhaps, but a mystic advanced class for Inquisitor/consular could work. You just have to assume you were ad-libing until you saw on Voss that is was definitly a thing. Given the class stories, it even makes sense that they were tapping into strange new powers in the force.
The Voss can barely use the Force at all. The only way they can use it 'intentionally' is healing. They only other ability they can use the Force, and I say 'use' loosely, is they have like 'vision quests', it isn't about the Voss themself and they have no control over any of it, it's more like they are just a conduit thru which these visions express themselves.

"The Mystics aren't Sith or Jedi, though—for them, the Force is a conduit of healing and sometimes, visions. Rituals that manipulate the Force are rare and often forbidden."
―Darth Zash[src]"

Yeah, they view the Force differently than the Sith and Jedi, but those are cultural differences, not actual mechanical differences. It's like the Witches of Dathomir, they think they are using magic, but they are actually using the Dark Side of the Force. They play by the same rules as all Force users do, they just call it different names and have cultural spins.

What 'strange new powers" are you talking about?

Please tell me your not referring to 'Grey Jedi' BS. There's no 'Gray' in canon and this game can't break canon. [As per the Lucasfilm Story Group - ].

When they refer to Voss as 'Gray', it's meant only in the context that they are neither Jedi or Sith. There's no 'using both sides of the force with impunity' crap meant.

The Voss are extremely limited in their ability to use the Force. I don't see any evidence of them using the Force in 'new strange ways'. They can barely use it at all.

I think you were referring to Voss Mystics as a new class. If I misunderstood you, I apologize.

P.S. - Steve's never wrong about anything in this game. He's the Guru of Star Wars Land.
Even beyond that, Encyclopedias go to him for source material.