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My own thoughts on a new class:
1. Force sensitive ... By that I mean they understand it, are sensitive enough to have obtained some aspects but only be able to have a minimal amout of force sensative traits... BUT not enough to fit in as a Jedi or Sith.

2. Not another smuggler or commando : BUT without question more of a SPECIAL FORCES TYPE . Not an active member of the Republic or Empire as a soldier. A part of their back ground might even be "former" soldier or simular background but would definately tie in with post KotET. This character whould begin with Iokath or somewhere there about.

3. Choice of weapon: a new weapon that might be a larger more fully automatic blaster with a bit more punch than normal. But not the range of sniper. And certainly not the commando style of auto cannon. Probably more the the Star Wars version of the following: IWI-ACE / FN F2000 / or an AK 107. I think you get the idea !
(note: please don't get too caught up on these automatic weapons. Someone will undoubltedly come up with a much better comparrison)

4. Armor rating: medium (similar to JK or Smuggler). Specific designs TBA.

5. Tactical ability: prefered to be DPS, ranged or tank in function. As a special forces type character they might have a back ground in use with a knife / dager type light saber AS WELL AS an automatic weapon. So they could easily have a descent range .. but also be affective close in as well. (yes using both should be considered). The closer the target the more deadly the attacks. Not a sniper per say... although if the development team wanted to add sniper shot as one of the new tactical slots that would work too.

6. Race back ground: as many as might be available. I would not restrict the availability of any group to access this one. Except maybe Jawas or Ewaks ... I have a hard time seeing that !
7. This character may or may NOT be the former Alliance commander. But undeniably has close ties to those running it.

If this character were introduced correctly a part of their interest in the post developments of the KotFE / ET could easily bring them out into a more direct envolvement of the story now unfolding with "Jedi Under Seige". This new character and class should be introduced at leve 65... BUT NOT with the usual "plop" here's a new character. There could and probably should be more questions asked of the background when selecting information for the new toon:

1. Do you want this character related to or connected to any of the following:
(others... ) [please note: this is just a brain storming idea.. needs a lot of work]
2. Light Side or Dark Side focus questions to help with build ???
3. Select 5 top companions from Alliance commanders list to start with. YES .. NEW companions will be introduced later. Simply stated that at level 65 most players would have several to choose from. This would simply be a starting point.

EDIT (adding background story sketch and ideas for the first one (maybe two) companions

New character (either male or female) picks up computer crystal with encrypted holo message. They recognize the source: a friend they have not heard from in over 5 years. Plugging in the crystal it begins to play :

"Hello old friend! I know that you have had to lay low for some time now. I know that it was a risk just sending this to you. You should also know that the courier who has delivered this to you was hand picked by me to insure it's secret and private delivery. As you may have already been made aware the Vaylin has been defeated. What has now been called the Eternal Alliance has decided to throw in (with either the Alliance or Empire as needed). There has also been a major shift in hostilities in the last few months from some old enemies that are stiring up new trouble.

I would not be asking you to come out of your self imposed seclusion unless I thought it were absolutely necessary. I need someone with your particular skill set in special ops and enemy infiltration to help with some very special concerns. Here is how you may contact me. ..... I have 5 people waiting to be assigned to your team. Others you will meet as your activities move across the galaxie .