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Yeah unlikely, I could see them adding new advanced classes to the existing classes, but a new class would require them to have new voice acting done for both a new series of class quests and for all existing content in the game. it would be way to much of a money sink for what this game is likely bringing in. Maybe a new melee trooper/bounty hunter that uses vibroblades? always thought it was weird that they have all these vibroblades but the only class that can use them are force users that use lightsabers. would be nice to have a non force user with the option to use them
Tech classes should use tech weapons, that is techblades and techstaffs. Vibroswords and Electrostaffs are force weapons (look at the tooltip - they give Force Power, not Tech Power).

And I have several characters who would hunt you down, with lightning and Force Choke, if you tried to take their Vibroswords / Electrostaffs away.
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