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How are you people actually calling Lightning OP? Sure, they have a bit more DoT (lol) damage which helps them fluff numbers, but they still get absolutely smashed by so many classes. They can't stay in LOS of a Sniper, or they'll get eaten up. They can't kite a Mara/Jugg for long enough to actually make a difference. They might be able to go face to face with a Merc, or kite Sins around for a bit but they could do those even in 5.0. Their strongest attack is on a 10s CD and does what, 40k with the set bonus boost? What am I missing?
It's the same people who are OK with the current Sin burst. They say that in theory Lightning is OP but niether of them is actually playing Sorc as they are busy with destroying people on thers Sins. From what I've experienced in SR sorcs are at the same spot as they were. If you let them free-cast and if player is good they can hurt. But they can't do a **** if you focus them even if player is good and die even faster with new OP burst from Sins. Main problem they can't do damage while trying to survive.