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04.20.2012 , 12:33 AM | #19
Just did the DPS Test with only my own classbuff but with Rakata stims (Attackpower + the one giving the 15 sec boost to AP)

My Gear is mostly Columi with 3 pieces Rakata.
Class: Sorcerer
Spec: 3/5/31 deep Madness

DPS (WITH Use of the Boost Rakata 2x ) over 234 secs: 1372.

Also very Interesting: Parasitism added up for a HPS of 149, the 31 talent from the Madness-Tree AND Deathfield did almost the same Dmg as Affliction did. Also interesting: According to this Data my DPS will drop by ~40 - 50% if i have to move and can't channel spells...