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I have about the same setup on my Guardian currently. I play the hybrid, my defense sits around 34.5%, shield at about 46.5%, and absorbption at 45.5%, and 25.3k hp, all buffed/stimmed. I've tanked nightmare EC with that build, it did fine, the healers said it was easier than our impside run with more Endurance heavy PT tanks.

One thing I would fix in your build, full Defense is about as viable as Hybrid, even if the mitigation is a smidge less, but you want 2 points in Swelling Winds instead of 2 in Master Focus, extra damage and reduced cd on Sweep will help you more than damage and reduced cd on Master Strike. Don't forget, Sweep is almost a high threat move in Soresu form thanks to Single Saber Mastery changes.

Yeah I see what you're saying. I had both points in swelling winds for a while. I just recently changed it and put the extra point into the Master Strike one. I rationalize it like this.

My rotations and such are more based around blade storm than Force Sweep. I still use force sweep, just not that often. Mostly just when I'm fighting multiple enemies in close range. It's used shortly after my opener, but not much after that. Thus, the two points giving me a free blade storm at the bottom of the defense tree and only one point in dust storm. I honestly don't have much of a problem doing damage and creating threat because of where my strength is at when I'm buffed. I use the parser often and try to figure out what does the best threat/ damage.

If I were to put the extra point into BS, I would probably take all 3 points in dust storm. But I've just never done my rotations that way and they seem to work best this way. It would be a subtle difference if I put the point into swellings winds and 2 more into dust storm. But I've tried it that way and prefer it this way.