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02.04.2013 , 05:51 PM | #7
I have about the same setup on my Guardian currently. I play the hybrid, my defense sits around 34.5%, shield at about 46.5%, and absorbption at 45.5%, and 25.3k hp, all buffed/stimmed. I've tanked nightmare EC with that build, it did fine, the healers said it was easier than our impside run with more Endurance heavy PT tanks.

One thing I would fix in your build, full Defense is about as viable as Hybrid, even if the mitigation is a smidge less, but you want 2 points in Swelling Winds instead of 2 in Master Focus, extra damage and reduced cd on Sweep will help you more than damage and reduced cd on Master Strike. Don't forget, Sweep is almost a high threat move in Soresu form thanks to Single Saber Mastery changes.