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People forget that tanking stats only affect melee and ranged attacks, and bosses often have plenty of force and tech attacks.
You only need around 25k hp fully buffed to survive with a perfectly acceptable margin of error for all existing content in 8m, including NiM Kephess. The largest sources of consistent damage that isn't intended to be dealt with by a CD (or just not standing there) that you have to worry about are actually M/R based (Warlord Kephess sucks because he deals a crapton of M/R damage *really* quickly; his F/T sources are both predictable and intended to be dealt with by using your CDs). The larger outright damage in 16m content means you want to push that to the 26-27k range, but anything more than that is really mostly redundant. Since the OP mentioned that he was unbuffed (presumably unstimmed as well), he's probably got perfectly acceptable levels of hp. I am, however, curious what spec the OP is opting to use since his posted gear set up didn't include one.
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