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It's interesting to note the conflict between those who suggest trash free FPs and those who want a separate GF queue for those who don't want to rush. 🤔
I would suggest that they aren't, as such, in conflict. If one person advocates both, that's a little strange, perhaps, but they aren't incompatible goals.

I I think it's reasonable (given the goals) to say that the trash-free FPs would end up reserved for the "rushers" queue, with full-story FPs being for the "no rush" crowd.

But in that case, why not have trash-bound and trash-free versions of the existing FPs, with some adjustment of the triggers for the bonus bosses, as needed. (Consider: in both BT and SLS, the bonus chain requires the party to kill substantial quantities of trash mobs, a trash-free BT/SLS would require those parts of the chain to be modified or even just removed.)
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