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01.17.2020 , 06:58 AM | #6
This is a interesting one. Perhaps I can help here before they respond to your tickets. The Movie Cinematics Tend to bug out time to time throughout our game, There is a GREAT trick I learned early off when encountering these issues. I know it will seem like a head slapper of a fix, but it does tend to work 99% of the time... - SET YOUR GRAPHICS DOWN DOWN DOWN.... your own system and builds for the game, and constant windows updates DO mess with your drivers, monitors, and graphics card settings, OFTEN!!!! every update it seems you need to TOGGLE something or other for the settings you enjoy.. TURNING DOWN GRAPHICS are a easy fix to Bugged Cinimas. Ones like that or I remember when Tratior of the Chiss dropped, EACH cinima in that one bugged out for me untill turning down those settings.. Also IN-GAME turning off shadows can help for your datacron hunts, or even PVP matches that always seem to lag out.. Everyone loves a good Cinima, unless your making videos and require a specific setting you should try this fix. May the Force Be With You Always
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