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01.08.2020 , 06:46 PM | #1
ok I cannot think of what else to do I have a problem and to be quite frank its pissing me off.

My character twilightsparkle mlp is doing siege of jedi for first time

Im currently on desecration quest I beat jedi master Gnost-Dural but the video refuses to play

I've tried delete video files reinstalling game and launcher repair. even reset all graphics to low.

now I've put 4 tickets in online support first two got negative number third got positive one but like 2pm today they all disappeared no response.

so about 2 hours ago made or attempted to make another and within minutes that one was removed two like it was never made but not even a sorry we cant do what you need comment.

after killing master gnost dural im supposed to talk to him but mid scene whole thing fresses and nothing I do will fix it. So I actually need someone to skip that particular screen for me but I cant even get anyone to say sorry we cant do that and its making me feel ignored and that's really pissing me off. now if there's currently a support ticket bug I apologize for my anger but if my tickets are just being auto ignored id appreciate someone at least saying something and im sorry to put it this way but if someone cant have the decience to get back to me then im done with swtor. Itd be sad because I love the game but I don't tolerate being ignored. especially when ive put time and lots of money into this game over the years.