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01.27.2017 , 10:14 AM | #1062
Mine is the Rain Legacy, which is paying homage to Darth Zannah's former nickname. My main toon is called Zannaah, a slight spelling variant as the correct spelling was already taken.

I was also able to parlay this legacy name in combination with my smuggler toon, called Storrmi. The rest of my toons don't really use the Rain surname, opting for other titles that befit their character or profession.
The Rain Legacy
- Zannaah, Khugenne, Phrike, Giss'utek'hemme, Artemisia Xerxes, Qandato, Darkefyre, Viggo
- A'mar, Storrmi, Alunnis, Vrokae, Tahiri Veila, Caz'ok, Myrinne, Heknus Cort