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Hey guys. Some time ago I voiced some skepticism that the loss of overload root would make the addition of Force Barrier a worthwhile tradeoff. The time is now come for me to eat my words. Even when there is no one to heal me, I have found Force Barrier to do far more than simply delay the inevitable. Even when I have half the enemy team just waiting to smash me when the barrier ends.

The cooldown on Barrier is 3 minutes. Though it is a "self-stun," you can still aim ground-target abilities from barrier, though actually releasing those abilities ends it obviously. The cooldown on grenades also happens to be 3 minutes. I smell shenanigans!

I laugh as the three smashers stand next to me waiting for me to get out. They usually aren't expecting for me to get out by throwing a seismic grenade right at my feet, thereby stunning all of them. (Bubblestun never really had this element of surprise to it.) In this second of confusion, I IMMEDIATELY pop Force speed, then UP if available, static barrier as well, situationally medpac/adrenal if the nearest LOS object is more than a second away and I am threatened. Round the corner and I heal to full in a couple seconds.

The sorc controls when the barrier ends, and ending it with a nade guarantees that the melee train has to have some reaction time to process what happened, break the stun, and fire off an attack. This is a very critical advantage conferred to the prepared sorc popping Barrier, oft overlooked. Almost always a half-second if not more, and you should have either UP, medpack, or at the very least static barrier popped by then. I'm a healer, so once I get around that corner it's very easy to get me back up to full.

My escape rate with this is on the order of 80%. When I fail, it's almost always because there is ALSO a sniper waiting and my nade can't hit all the melee and that sniper 35m away at the same time. But honestly, if melee and ranged dps are all coordinating like that, they deserve to be rewarded and I won't complain about it.

And although I can no longer really dps when I must, I never could have dreamed of the heals I put up now when I was in bubblestun spec. Sure I lost the team cc utility but my healing output increased on the order of 2/3 seemingly overnight.

Then again I was on PTS figuring out how best to work the class changes to my advantage against some of the best SWTOR players in the world...I just hope I can pass on my findings to others who will use them well.
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