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I'm never going to base my opinion on the game of what takes place in rated warzones when less than 1 % of all games played are rated. While it in theory is great to look at a class's full potential I think we've reached the point where it would be more beneficial to everyone if we looked at how normal players perform instead. I don't think thousands of people should suffer just because one person, the chosen one, can pull it off.
It is with a person who can guard you or in a ranked, which you would also be guarded. Healers are balanced around guard. That is why when healers are without it there are some differences in usefulness. If you want to play solo fine, but expect to not do as well if you had friends with you.

Without guard, dps will focus any healer and kill them easily except for Operatives. They need to be killed twice basically because of vanish, and Sorcerers have the new bubble which might alleviate some hard switching onto them. Other than that, Sorcerers are very good. You don't need to be the "chosen one". They just need guard to perform well like every other healer.
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