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10.23.2012 , 09:53 AM | #7
i think the next companion 101 should be about ashara zavros , xalek , or any sith iquisitor one for that matter , there is so much about xalek i want to know and am terrified he willl betray me like all sith do in the next expansion , i am a light side sith assasin and want all my companions to stay with me! , i think we should get more companions in next expansio nro be alowd to get rid of ones we dont want *cough *cough talos delik cough* lol , and trade it for anyother one , like i think gungans should be in swtor i would love to trade talos delik for a gungan a dark council memeber has for a slave that i can put in my ship kinda like vette thing how she was a slave or a wookie one would be nice , i want more aliens ,