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Great Post! I have had some great fun playing against you and your friends/guild-mates -- very challenging and skilled you are. Some comments:

DIRECTIONAL SHIELDING: In theory, I agree with most people on these forums that directional shielding is the most beneficial and useful option there is. However, I don't use it for 2 main reasons:

1) I hate that you have one button to toggle between forward/backward/shared. Typically I want to switch in the heat of the moment, and there is usually little time for toggling nonsense. Imagine how annoying it would be if we only had one button to toggle between power options (weapons/shields/thrusters/shared). Admittedly, I've never tried them for very long, and maybe it's not so bad when you get used to it.

2) Directional shields are great if you're in a pre-made, but their usefulness drastically declines when you're in a random PUG. I spend most of my time PUGing (I don't like playing with premades tbh, 90% of the fights on Bastion are one-sided, and I usually prefer the challenging side vs the cakewalk). Anyways, I've found that with directional shield and multiple people shooting at just die that much quicker vs having a recharge option.

MISSILES/LASERS: I appreciate your insight regarding what to use and when. This is one of the things I struggle with the most when I begin to engage somebody on my SF...."Should I open up with Heavies...or risk a missile lock right away?" I seem to have the best luck when I just start with heavy canons and shift to missiles if/when weapon power is low. That being said, I still regret my choice about 1/3 of the time and wish I had acted differently.

Quote: Originally Posted by TrinityLyre View Post

Thank you to the players and pilots from both factions on The Bastion for offering your opinions, challenges and discussions. .... I feel our community on The Bastion is extraordinary and for the most part, very friendly.
LIES! This one time I was in a same-faction gsf with Phytia/Drak on the other team, and they were both fortified around satellite B. They sent out a message saying that there was free punch and cookies at said satellite, and upon arrival, I found their claim to be extremely falsified. Not only was there a lack of snacks/refreshments, but I was openly met with hostile actions.

Long story short -- the community on Bastion is the most one-sided, manipulative, and malicious of any TOR server!!! Newcomers be warned.....