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Tactical Item (Tazzed Net): The harpoon now electrify the target rooting it for 3 seconds when pulled towards the hunter.

Set Bonus (Hunters Pursuit):
(2/6): Using Neural dart reduces damage taken while stunned by 10%.
(4/6): The cooldown of determination is reduced by 2 seconds for any direct damage taken.
(6/6): While energy shield is active the powertech is immune to flash-bangs, awes, and stuns. (can still be rooted).

Compared to the other sets this one would focus more on cc resistance instead of raw survivability for the pt tank. This will help when running against comps utilizing operative saps and aoe stuns putting less pressure on healer cleanse. Compared to the other sets it would put alot less pressure when swaping guards but would put more pressure on survivability in a fight.
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