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It did do what no other Sith Empire did, but at the same time it's success was very short lived. How long did the Galactic Empire last? 20 years? Not counting the Remnant, I mean the full Empire. In some ways I'd argue that Marka Ragnos was more of a success than Bane. He may not have conquered the Republic, but his empire lasted longer and wasn't wracked by civil war. Oh, and an aside, I love your "An in-depth look" threads.
Of course the Galactic Empire didn't last as long as any other Empire. But you should look at the circumstances of their existence. The Sith Empires of old lived in the shadows until they emerged to attack the Republic. The ones that did attack lasted for only a few years.

The Golden Age of the Sith lasted for over a century before Naga Sadow's war brought it crumbling down. The Empire of Lord Vitiate has survived in the shadows for over a millenia, but its wars with the Republic are slowly destroying it. While Vitiate's Empire has survived the longest (from what I gather), it will suffer the same fate as the rest.

We see here that an Empire living in the shadows survives longer than an Empire standing on the galactic stage, which is what Sidious' Empire was. If we measured an Empire based on how long it lasted, rather than its accomplishments, we could rate the Empire of King Adas over the Golden Age of the Sith, despite the Golden Age being superior to Adas' Empire.

So taking everything into account, Sidious' Empire (while short-lived) was still superior to its predecessors. It was not lurking in the shadows, battled with the Rebel Alliance (for some 16 years I believe), and destroyed the Jedi Order. Under the circumstances, the Galactic Empire did quite well. Aside from Vitiate's Empire, no other Empire fought a war for so long. Every other Empire's wars were very short (lasting roughly five years, though the first Great Galactic War, pre TOR, lasted almost thirty years. I have no idea how long the Second one will last).

But, of course, this is not what the Rule of Two was meant for. It was devised for the Sith to defeat the Jedi and the Republic. It did exactly that. The only flaw I see was that it had no plan after that. I think Bane assumed the epitome of the Sith would rule forever, not thinking that the new Empire would have to contend with The Will of The Force itself.

And I'm glad you enjoy my threads.
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