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on a side note: even some of the "legit" parses arent realistic, as they use pre-build resources to skip some parts of the opener like non-sorc did, since the opener of anni is very slow. you wouldnt have that pre-build rage with anni in a legit bossfight most of the time. but these are minor differences compared to the 10% dps boost the perk provides.
Yeah I saw what non-sorc did, but didn't mention it because this thread was about something else. Players have been doing this for as long as dummy parses have been compared and ranked. In the old days before parsely existed, members of the community did the leaderboards here on the forums and checked each and every parse players submitted and disallowed them if stuff like non-sorc's was in them. But that really was a ****load of work. Back then none of the 1.2 GCD parses would have made it on any leaderboard, too, of course.

With a tool like Parsely you basically have to rely on participants playing fair game. You can't do much about cheaters. Of course if someone made the effort to extract a legit leaderboard from parsely lists and posted them here, we'd have a clean leaderboard. As much as I would like to do that, I just can't spend the necessary amount of time these days. And I'm not the only one at that for sure...
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